Chargesafe UK


ChargeSafe UK


Chargesafe UK was born in the face of adversity. Three people working for another company that went bust came together to provide mobile phone charging solutions.

With a new product to the UK, the team at Chargesafe UK wanted help in creating their online presence and means to beginning selling their products to their customers and developing their franchise.


We worked with Chargesafe UK to produce a functional website that had a clear message. The aim was to offer a simple journey for the customer so that they could navigate quickly and efficiently.  We had to assist with content, SEO, images as well as setting up email and designing product flyers and so much more.  We worked very closely with the team and what we have produced is something that met and exceeded the brief.

We completed the website over and above the initial brief and it turned out great.  With the hard work that the team put in and with the tools the Small Business Box helped to produce they have secured franchisees and contracts for many units with shopping centres.  A great result for Chargesafe UK and The Small Business Box.  Its such a great story and inspiring to hear where they’ve come from and where they’re heading too.

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