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Let's peel back the layers and understand who we are & where we came from


“To help small to medium businesses to be in control of their destiny.  To maximise growth, be competitive and have access to affordable tools, advice and services”


“Be innovative with our thinking and growth plans to create a family of individuals and teams dedicated to giving small to medium businesses a chance to realise and reach their full potential.  To invest in small business is to invest in family”


“At the forefront of everything we do stands our key values.  These assist and drive us as a business to be the best and ensure we offer the best.”


To empower Businesses with the correct tools, strategies and advice to maximise growth and potential.


To offer a service that is fair in price and big in impact. Services that enable Businesses to be competitive and technologically relevant.


Every customer, project pr piece of work is as important to us as if it was our own.


Different people, ideas, strengths, interests, products, technology and skills make our company function and offer the best.


Family is the heart of everything we do at The Small Business Box. Our suppliers, partners, people and customers are appreciated and cared about as such.


“We offer a collection of services that assist business with online activity.  The focus is to help with sales, marketing and business operation.  Our team and products work hand in hand to create the best for your business alongside you vision and objectives”

The Journey

Established in 2018, although we have been helping companies for longer. Small Business Box Director, Chris Gill, has been working Freelance with many companies for years. With more and more small businesses being created now was the right time to create and launch The Small Business Box.

Chris, has been an entrepreneur and business owner since the age of 15. With two old hi-fi units and some fancy wood work, his first business was born. With many years running businesses of his own as well as working for employers, the one thing he always felt business owners needed was a partner that could guide them and help them to achieve more. A business with resources and services that could help owners to focus on their business to achieve growth without focusing on the little things but, most importantly, without costing the earth to achieve it.

Chris has had failures and successes, all creating amazing stories and experiences that others can benefit from. With training and experience in Sales, Marketing and Business operations not only for himself but others as well, he understands how businesses function from sole traders up to corporate companies. Chris has had experience working for or selling into companies such as McDonald’s, BT, Subway, Yell, Apple to name a few. As well as growing a business with his former Co-Director from nothing to a multi-million pound, multi site operation. Chris and the team at the Small Business Box want to empower all business owners to be able to reach their goals or ambitions and offers the experience, skills and solutions to achieve this.


We're a close network of creatives,
designers & developers who work
together to create for you.

Chris Gill

Owner of The Small Business Box

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